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As a Catholic school, Newman Senior Technical College places the highest level of importance on the holistic development of each student. We consider a knowledge and functional understanding of ethics and ethical behaviour to be the cornerstone of human well-being. We aim to assist our students to become informed, well adjusted and productive members of the wider community through the close examination of personal values and individual morality.

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Sam Minturn


After graduating Newman College, Sam worked at the Coastside Church in Port Macquarie as a Youth Pastor for ID Ministries.

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Download the Faith in Action page from the Enrolment Handbook.

Catholic Faith in Action FAQ's

Our Faith in Action course encourages students to consider their decision making, to demonstrate compassion, investigate ethical issues and to explore how they can impact the lives of others.

Yes. Our Faith in Action course allows students to serve others by offering their time to members of the community, looking after our environment and fundraising for a variety of charities.

No. Newman College is a Catholic school and we ask all students to respect this as part of our culture. We will discuss and learn about different religions, worldviews and encourage students to consider their place in the world.

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