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Marine Studies is an exciting HSC subject where lessons learned in the classroom are complemented with a ‘hands on’ and ‘feet in’ approach to learning.

To study the marine environment and man’s interaction with it, students will go to the beach, visit rock platforms, surf, drive outboard powered boats, swim, fish, sail, canoe, snorkel and skin dive.

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Natalie Smith


After completing her Certificate II in Marine Studies, Natalie went to University to become a Marine Scientist, she than completed her Masters in Secondary Teaching Marine Science.

Marine Studies FAQ's

Marine Studies at Newman is a hands-on and feet-in course with a strong practical focus. As often as possible, we go offsite, on field trips down to the river or off to the beach to apply the lessons learned in the classroom.

The Marine Studies course at Newman Senior Technical College is very different to the junior course. We have a focus on Marine related careers, qualifications and further training. Marine Studies can lead to exciting careers in tourism, commercial applications and environmental science

Yes. Marine Studies is listed on your Higher School Certificate, alongside all of your Year 12 subjects.

As well as the HSC, students in Marine Studies can also enrol in industry related commercial courses. We work closely with TAFE to deliver Cert I and Cert II in Maritime Operations. Students can also gain experience working in our commercial aquaculture facility.

Students at Newman can value-add to their VET qualifications by enrolling in Marine Studies. Marine compliments Tourism, Hospitality and all of the trade courses.

Hands-on feet-in is what this course is all about. You don’t need to be a fantasic diver or talented swimmer to select this course, however, a sense of adventure and willingness to challenge and immerse yourself physically into the marine environement is essential and will be of benefit.

Why Choose Marine Studies?

Environmental Awareness

Environment and Water – two big things that will affect our future. You could start by knowing a bit more about it.

What lies beneath

Knowing what lies beneath – There is a whole other world below sea level – come and see!

Nature's playground

Oceans and lakes are like huge playgrounds that only a small percentage of the world’s population access for a living. Could you be a part of it?

Water, water everywhere

Like getting wet? Like being in the water? – It’s hard to avoid this in Marine Studies

Did you know?

Did you know that Newman Senior Technical College is home of the Port Macquarie Marine Discovery Centre? Students at Newman are fortunate to call the Discovery Centre their classroom which includes a marine laboratory, theory classroom, an aquarium display room, a commercial fish hatchery / grow-out facility and a dedicated marine engineering workshop. We even have our own 15 metre timber ex-fishing trawler, the XLCR used as a floating classroom.

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