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All students studying a hospitality course receive core industry training and basic kitchen skills developing transferable skill sets that you can use locally and internationally. Completing this course will virtually guarantee employment.

The Kitchen Operations stream focuses on food preparation with basic kitchen training of chef skills.

The Food and Beverage stream focuses on preparing and serving food and drinks, including barista skills.

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Meet one of our Hospitality Teachers, Mr Charles James.

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Meet Shay Cradock who has found where she belongs in Hospitality.

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Download the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) Food & Beverage

Find where you belong

Check out this flyer to see if studying Hospitality - Commercial Cookery interests you.

Find where you belong

Check out this flyer to see if studying Hospitality - Food & Beverage interests you.

Where are they Now?

Caitlin & Chelsea Fuhrer


After graduating Caitlin and Chelsea worked around Port Macquarie in Hospitality. The sisters have now opened Studio 3 Cafe in Murray St, now one of the most popular Coffee Shops in Port Macquarie, using their secret barista skills and just doing what they love.

Hospitality FAQ's

Certificate II in Hospitality (Food & Beverage) or Certificate II in Kitchen Operations (Chef)

As outlined and shown in the student handbook we have gone away from the traditional chef uniform and implemented a more current and comfortable uniform.

At the commencement of Year 11 you are required to wear the uniform outlined in the student handbook – we give a few weeks grace period for this, as we are aware of expenses and the impact.

All cuisine styles both sweet and savoury. We also produce industry realistic portions – rather than making one hamburger, you will likely make up to 60 in a team!

The Food & Beverage course is the front of house operations – wait staff, coffee and beverage production whereas the Kitchen operations is the back of house (cookery side)

Yes, every prac lesson has you sampling and eating the food produced.

During Year 12 you will be given free lessons on your timetable to account for time completing service periods/shifts in the cafe.

Where are they Now?

Matthew Conway


After graduating Matthew continued with his Apprenticeship as a Chef at Sails Resort. Matthew then moved to Sydney with his family and worked in many high end restaurants in the city along with completing his Electrical Apprenticeship. Matthew now lives in Port Macquarie and is the owner of ‘The Burger Rebellion’, and also works here at Newman College as an Electrotechnology Teacher.

Why Choose Hospitality?

Cooking is a key life skill

Being able to prepare your own meals saves money and gives you the ability to control your nutritional input/diet.

Working in Hospitality

Hospitality exposes you to people from all walks of life. It is a fantastic industry when you’re young, especially for travelling and networking. 

Cooking skills are universal

Cooks are needed wherever people need to eat. So basically, there is always work for a cook, no matter what part of the world you’re in.

Helping others

It’s fast-paced but friendly and your job is to make it an environment staff and customers want to be part of. In F&B you’ll be learning to work under pressure while developing great interpersonal skills. 

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