How to Enrol?

You’ve completed all your research, know your study options, and have decided that Newman is the right College for you. Your next big step is to Book an Interview. 

We want to walk you through this process and make it as simple as possible. 


Start Online Application Form

This online form can be started and saved at any time. Completion is required before Enrolment Interviews in August.


Attend our Open Night

Our Open Night was on the 26th July, 2022.

If you missed our Open Night, Contact the College and arrange to have the Enrolment pack posted to you! There are critical forms in the pack you will need for your Enrolment Interview.


Book Enrolment Interview

Please book an interview by contacting the College Admin Team, 02 6580 3800.

All completed forms from the Enrolment Pack are required at the interview.


Accept Letter of Offer

Upon receiving your Letter of Offer you will need to use the code provided to accept. 

Congratulations you are on your way to the Newman HSC experience!

A welcome booklet will be mailed to students later in the year with information on what to bring when you commence in February 2023.

Enrolment Handbook

Enrolment Forms Downloads

You will receive the following forms in your Enrolment Pack at the Newman Open Night on Tuesday 26th July, 6pm. If you missed our Open Night you can download and view the forms below.

Steps to Enrol.pdf

2022 Newman College Enrolment Forms.pdf

Fee Estimate.pdf

St Agnes’ Parish School Tuition Fee Forms.pdf

Letter from Father Paul.pdf


Experience a 'Different Class' at Newman College.

Enrolment FAQ's

Everyone has the opportunity to start fresh at Newman and all grades are considered, but do not inhibit enrolment or subject choices unless the course specifically requires a higher level of Maths eg Electrotechnology. There are courses to suit all student grade levels, however, it’s more about the attitude to learning that will affect the students ability to grow. We hope we can help foster a growth attitude and help all students at all levels.

No on-site Open Night is planned for this year, however, if you would like to tour the College, we may be able to arrange this individually – just call us or we may create an open day, COVID-19 permitting – stay tuned.

We understand that sometimes students have a change of mind for a variety of reasons, so there is no pressure to continue the enrolment process at any stage. Even after commencement, students sometimes decide to return to their previous College. It’s best to book and interview and book in a pattern of study just to keep your options open.

Enrolment opens on 20th July at 6.00pm where you can begin the process by booking an interview. Enrolments don’t necessarily close at any point, but if you enrol later in the year sometimes your course choices are limited.

Your enrolment application is completed and submitted online (see Step 3 above) Then you will need to bring the completed student and fee forms with, along to your booked interview.

For ZOOM interview bookings, student and fee forms from your enrolment pack are required at the College the day before the interview. Don’t forget to keep  a copy/photo of your Course Selection and Career Planner pages to refer to during the ZOOM interview.

Any additional information you think may be relevant can be brought to the interview. We can copy any documents and keep them in the student file.

Yes, $150 (this includes a school diary, yearbook, admin fees, some team building days)

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