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Newman College welcomes students of all abilities. Teacher Assistants support students’ individual learning needs in classes, helping them access the curriculum in a fully integrated, inclusive learning environment.

Learning Support Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Newman College has a wonderful team of Teacher Assistants who work in classes to support the individual learning needs of students. The Learning Support Coordinator can discuss with you and your child how we can best tailor a pattern of study that will meet the individual needs of your son/daughter. Your son/daughter will have a Personalised Plan (PP), also known as an Individual Education Plan (IEP), which will track and document their needs and adjustments in order to help them access the curriculum to the best of their ability.

Newman College has helped many students with a variety of disabilities, including: ASD; ADHD; intellectual disability; cerebral palsy; down syndrome; anxiety and depression.

Newman College is a fully inclusive school that welcomes all students. There is no test for students to pass or a set level of grades to be accepted. Every student can book an enrolment interview and students must understand the terms of enrolment that they agree to and work their very best to comply to the school rules and expectations.

Every student at Newman College is integrated into classes. Students are not in an isolated support unit for the day. Teacher Assistants support students in the classroom, in workshops, on excursions; and at workplacement.

Every student has the opportunity to go to workplacement. The Learning Support Coordinator can case-manage individual students’ workplacements to ensure supportive, suitable employers are arranged. Further adjustments can be made to workplacement arrangements, such as reducing the number of hours worked.

The Learning Support Coordinator and Teacher Assistants run an “Early Transition Program” in Term 4 this year. Your son/daughter can be invited to spend a relaxed social morning at the College, getting to know the College grounds, rooms and some key people. The Learning Support Coordinator can arrange extra transition visits if required.

Yes, you should book an interview. You will be much better informed to make a decision with your son/daughter after you discuss their individual needs and options with the Learning Support Coordinator.

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